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1:1 Coaching


Do you find you're often controlled by your emotions? 

Are you reading self help books, but nothing seems to be changing in your life?

Does it seem like everyone else can keep their shit together, but you feel as though you're hanging on by a thread?

Do you wish you were better equipped to handle uncertainty & chaos? 

Are you constantly explaining your point of view, but no one seems to understand you?

Do you feel unfulfilled, but don't even know what you could do to start feeling fulfilled?


Do you feel as though something in your life is just missing and you wish you had a fairy godmother to show you the way?

Are you often of thinking of the woman you want to become, but have no idea how to go about becoming her?




Mindfulness Basics Course

This course is perfect for beginners & those wanting to create a consistent meditation practice. 

Course includes:

- All at your own pace

- Meditation & personal development teachings, 30min of content 

- Simple process, empowering you to bring mindfulness into your every day

- 2 week meditation challenge with PDF accountability based on the simple process

-  6 Personal development worksheets

- Intuition teachings & prompts to deepen your connection with your own intuition

- 11 guided meditations in addition to the teachings, equaling just over 2 hours of    guided meditations including grounding, healing, heart-opening & guided to your    Higher Self to hear guidance

-  Lifetime access to all content



The Adult T Course

This course is perfect for anyone who loves Sarah's content and wants to dive deeper in their own healing journey.

Course includes:





Grounding Workshop

10/22/2020 @ 6PM CST

Workshop includes:

Sarah will lead a Zoom Grounding Workshop. 

You will learn different ways to create a sense of calm + grounding for yourself and create a plan for when the overwhelm begins to creep in. Sarah will then lead the group through a guided grounding meditation while simultaneously providing distance reiki healing to all live participants and record down intuitive guidance for them as it comes through



Mindfulness + it's implications on health

This workshop is TBD

Workshop includes:





Throat chakra + your most authentic expression

This workshop is TBD

Workshop includes:






1:1 Coaching

Did you answer yes to all of the questions above + you're ready to dive deep in your own healing journey... you're just not quite sure who to go there with?


This was me.

I felt totally consumed by my emotions and as hard as I tried... there was nothing I could do to chill out once they got past a certain threshold.


I remember feeling totally crazy in my mind.

I didn't understand why the people around me were able to stay so grounded and calm, why I was always the one to "stir the pot" when really, I thought I was doing the right thing!

I felt so misunderstood. I was constantly explaining the way I saw the situation, but my friends/boyfriend/family didn't understand and said that it was my problem. That I needed to just get over it. 

I also felt this deep feeling inside that I was meant for more. 

Literally no matter what I accomplished, I always needed more - searching to one day be "good enough" 

I've felt lost in what my purpose actually is, and struggled to see myself for most of my life actually. I knew I wanted to be successful, to help people in a BIG way - but I was so out of touch with who I was, and what amazing energies I naturally emanate, that I went down a lot of different roads before finding what I do now. 

I went on a long journey that included many alternative healers, who I expected to do the work for me, to cast some sort of healing spell on me to make me not have to go through the deep, hard work that healing requires. 

I binged self help books, I saw a Shaman, a Reiki Master(s), Astrologers, Human Design professionals, you name it. They definitely helped open me up into a space of healing and better self reflection. They helped get me on my way of becoming my own self healer.

But then I signed up to work with a Life Coach and DAMN did my life change, immediately. There's nothing like one on one deep life talk - uncovering blind spots & having you accept hidden aspects of yourself that you'd rather keep buried. 

I uncovered that I actually have the same energetic flow & ability as him and that by combining my psychoanalytic/holistic counseling techniques, intuition + energy healer abilities I can create MASSIVE shifts for people. It's also exactly what fills me up! 

I've since gone back through all of my old journals & uncovered exactly what I did along the way - this is at the foundation of my coaching & (soon to be courses... eeee, coming September 2020!!) 

If you resonate with my story & feel called to really dive in and do deep healing, fill out the form to be put on my coaching waitlist. 

Coaching with me will take you on a deep discovery of yourself.

It's only for those who are truly READY to do the work.

I'll be in touch with you within 24 hours of your form submission and we will set up a compatibility call, just to be sure we're both on the same page!