Work With Me

I'm all about sacred connection. 

To see if we're a good match at working together, I offer 

complimentary 15-minute phone calls. 

Due to COVID-19: 

All of my sessions are offered virutually, either video or phone.

I am exclusively scheduling via email, call or text.


Major shifts can happen in one session, however, I've found that the most transformation happens with consistency. This is why I created my

coaching offering.


If you have the following day to day issues, I can help you.

It takes commitment and a real willingness to transform your life into a life full of PURPOSE. I cannot wait to meet you and aid you on this journey.


If there is not a time that works for you available, please use the contact form to request another time! Dr. Sarah is flexible and does her best to find a time that works for both parties.

- You’ve done everything “right” but still are not happy/fulfilled

- You are completely provided for, have a beautiful family and life looks

   perfect on the outside but inside you feel like something is missing 

- You find yourself complaining and blaming others, but deep down that

   doesn’t feel good

- You feel as though sometimes your emotions rule over you, you have no

   control of them

- You are quick to react to situations around you instead of choosing how

   you respond

- You feel out of control of your life

- Your life is passing you by and you’re not sure what you even want to be doing

   with your life

- Consumed with overwhelm on most days

- Not confident in who you are and what you stand for in your life 

- You often find yourself saying, “I’ll do this with my life, when xyz happens”

- Anxiety/Depression/other physical ailment that your doctor can’t seem to

  figure out, you have a diagnosis of exclusion

- You don’t know who you are anymore, your family has consumed your life, you

  don’t know where you fit in as a separate entity 

- You want to be more present with your family 

- You’re surrounded by your kids/family but don’t feel like you’re actually there

  with them

- Resentment towards kids/husband 

- Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled & “crappy” mom

  • Let's see if we're a good match at working together!

    15 min


  • Lets heal your mind, body & soul

    1 hr 30 min


  • Develop empowering tools and unlock your potential

    1 hr


  • Feel happier, healthier & lighter from the comfort of your own home

    30 min


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Please note: Illinois does not currently offer licensure to Naturopathic Doctors. Though Dr. Sarah Ghekiere has been trained as a primary care physician, she works as a Naturopathic Health Consultant in the State of Illinois. Naturopathic medicine, in the State of Illinois, is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.