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In order to work with me, I require a few things - ​ 1. A discovery call, to be sure we are a good fit! [ It's free ;) ] ​ 2. A 3-month commitment, healing doesn't happen over night & if I'm committing to you, I need you to commit to you too!! ​ 3. A willingness to be completely honest and transparent with me, healing happens through radical truth telling ​ 4. Patience, most importantly with yourself, but also with me ​ ​ A few of the logistics ​ 1. Calls are $125/call 2. Calls are once per week, 1hr duration 3. Calls are held over Zoom 4. They are recorded & sent to you via email along with your specific actionable tasks & handouts 5. During the call I will: - use my intuition to distinguish what we need to focus on to give you the most healing at the time of each call - use guided imagery & mindfulness techniques to access your subconscious mind & reveal blocks - discover what is going to work specifically for YOU on your healing journey, giving you an individualized toolbox for you to use for life - do distance energy healing as we process deep emotions ​ ​ If you struggle with the following, I know I can help you. ​ - Are you often controlled by your emotions?  - Do you suppress anger as to not create confrontation? - Do you avoid confrontation at all costs? - Are you reading self help books, but nothing seems to be changing in your life? - Does it seem like everyone else can keep their shit together, but you feel as though         you're hanging on by a thread? - Do you wish you were better equipped to handle uncertainty & chaos?  - Are you constantly explaining your point of view, but no one seems to understand? - Do you feel unfulfilled & stagnant in life, but have no idea how to get out? - Do you feel as though something in your life is missing but have no idea what? - Do you think of who you wish you were but have no idea how to become her?

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