The Single Most Important Aspect of Your Personal Growth & Spiritual Healing

What do you think is the single most important aspect of your personal growth & spiritual healing?

> meditation/mindfulness

> healthy habits / diet, movement, hydration, sleep, purpose, connection, play

> journaling

> group healing sessions

> community

> energy healing

> akashic readings / intuitive readings

> supplement regimine

> time in nature

> connecting with crystals + spirit guides

> self care

> reading self help books

Not an exhaustive list — what would you add as being an important aspect to your overall growth in life?

Out of all of these things, what do you think is the one that moves the needle the furthest?

Moving the needle as in - helping you to create a life that you love.

What even are you trying to create?

After working with many patients and clients over the years, I think everyone is just looking for inner peace.

To no longer be at war with themselves.

To no longer be at war with others.

To no longer have to stress about hardship and struggle that is about to happen.

We all just want to feel at peace internally no matter the circumstance.

Do you agree?

So, from the list of modalities, what do you think is one that moves you closest to inner peace & why?

I’m not claiming to be right, we all have different things that work for us, but I do think it comes down to the bottom line of - what actually creates the change for us.

What actually creates that inner peace for us?

So my question was - what is the thing that moves the needle closest to where you want to be?

My answer is… questioning yourself - I do that through journaling + internal dialogue.

Because this is the thing. All of the things from the list from yesterday, add to your ability to understand yourself. And when we understand ourselves, we become more tolerant of the things that before have bothered us.

- ie. When you understand things, you move closer to inner peace.

And if you haven’t experienced this yet… stick around because I’m going to sharing a lot more on how understanding yourself is actually the key to getting along better with others & having more inner peace!!

The more that we understand why we are the way we are, the more we understand there’s things we do that are out of our conscious control - they’re literally a subconscious program that creates an automatic reaction / reflex to act in a certain way.

It doesn’t matter who you are, unless you are enlightened, you have subconscious programming and you can’t get to enlightenment without understanding this concept, it’s the very basis of what it means to be human.

When we understand we have this aspect of ourselves, we begin to understand that other people have it as well.

Meaning… they do things automatically, like a reflex, without thinking and without true intention, it’s more a habitual way of being that they can’t control.

This takes a bit of pressure and weight off of our relationship with them because we begin to realize that other peoples natural reflexes, is just because of their subconscious programming and they literally don’t have control over it… it also isn’t about us, it’s about their programming and way of thinking.

When we can REALLY understand this - we get to place in our personal development/spiritual journey where we start to become free of others judgements.

Because you finally understand that the way someone is acting and behaving is because of all of the influences they have ever been exposed to.

The ones who have stayed in a smaller container being exposed to less things - they think the rest of the world is just like the world they know, they don’t understand that there are different ways to live, not in a deep enough way to connect in the way you may with they can connect.

So when you come in with a different, out of their container way of doing something - of course there’s going to be resistance, right? They aren’t part of that reality / worldview.

Usually this creates tension and fights because of not understanding that each person is living within their own reality/worldview/container.

If each of us really just wants to be seen, heard, understood and accepted for who we are and yet, there’s people in our life that think we should be something different, of course we are going to be hurt by that - and we take it personally… yet we don’t have to.

We just have to understand that each person is living in a different reality/world and there’s different rules in that way of being than the rules we have for ourselves.

When you really, really get this - you can let a lot of the “grudges” you hold, go.

Because we can finally understand why people are the way they are and it truly has NOTHING to do with you not being good enough - it has to do with a misunderstanding of the reality/worldview each of us are living in.

All of this said… the one single thing you can do for yourself each day to move your needle to inner peace further is …

Question yourself, get to know yourself.

The only way we can expand our worldview and reality is by questioning it.

Otherwise, we accept what is true about reality, as we know it right now.

Whether you realize this or not, you have infinite options as to how you want to view your life.

It’s up to you to shift the focus.

The only way you can do this though, is to look around you, to explore the alternative views available to you.

It’s literally the only way.

You will not expand your view if you are always looking at the same things.

It’s like going for a hike in the same forest preserve and always staying on the same trail - it’s totally something you can do and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it… but if you want to experience seeing a waterfall, and there’s not a waterfall on your usual trail, you’re going to have to up your endurance & climb a new route.

It’s just impossible to see the waterfall in other way, right?

The same is true about discovering new ways of experiencing your life.

You have be willing to ask yourself what you’re looking for in your experience and then question what trails have that experience for you.

Then hold yourself accountable for taking the action steps down that path towards that experience.

You cannot get there without first questioning yourself.

This is the purpose of the Inner Truth Membership.

Through the intuitive readings that I do - I channel the questions that are most pertinent to ask in response to the energy we are moving through.

At the first of each month you receive an Intention Setting Workbook.

This is where you look at the big picture of where you're at in relation to where you want to be. I use the Intuitive Guidance Reading of the month from the Inner Bitch Podcast and channel questions that go along with that energy. I also add in a general template for tracking your personal health goals as it relates to the 6 most important pillars of health from the Naturopathic Len's I still carry even though I no longer practice that way ;)

Each Sunday morning, you receive that upcoming weeks Intuitive Guidance Reading and the prompts that got channeled to go along with that energy.

The energy readings are collective, yet specific.

If you are here reading my work right now, you are part of my collective - you are who I channel the readings for.

There are commonalities that we are going through as a collective as part of resonating together in this energy. This is what I use in terms of asking for guidance in the membership and on the podcast.

The registration for membership is only open for the first week of each month.

This is for your best interest, so that you get the most out of this membership - and if I'm totally being honest, it's to help you take action for yourself. Isn't that so funny, when we don't have a deadline, we can let things go and say we will get to it but never do... just me? LOL

But for real - it's to best serve you, and help you take the action for yourself.

What other questions do you have about the membership?

Let me know!!!

Do you agree that questioning yourself is the most important aspect of your personal / spiritual development, or do you think something else?

I'd love to have a chat about it.

Let me know!!

Sending you love, friends.

Take care,


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