Not sure where your time is going? Use this tool to find more time in your day to day life

Who else feels like time is flying by and they’re not sure where its going?!?

How is it already the middle of January 2020?!

Something I noticed in 2019 was how much time I was not utilizing in my day. Instead, I would just complain that there was not enough hours in the day to get the shit I wanted to be done, done.

It wasn’t until I checked out the screen time function on my phone that I realized how much time I was spending on social media, because it was only 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there - but holy moly did it add up!

Upon this realization, I started paying attention to where I was spending my time.

Which lead me to the awareness of, where we put our time and energy is where our priorities lie.

And well… turns out what I thought my priorities were, were NOT THE THINGS I WAS SPENDING MY TIME ON.

Instead I was spending a lot of time just fluffing around with different projects that I was never going to actually follow through on. I was spending time “reading” books that I never actually finished. I was spending time writing things I would never actually put out into the world.

I thought I was working on alllll of these projects and just didn’t have enough time for them all, when I realized it’s because none of them are truly my priority. Not the priority of my unconscious at least. A lot of the time we hold ourselves back unknowingly.

This is where my favorite quote about self love comes in...

“self love also includes no longer putting up with your own shit”

You HAVE to look at yourself. To check in and see where you’re out of integral alignment. Otherwise you’ll just keep going round and round the hamster wheel, saying you’ll get to it when XYZ has been accomplished, because once that’s done then you’ll have so much more time. Who else has told themselves this? When does that “calm” time actually come around, if ever?

I created a time audit PDF to help you evaluate where you’re placing your time. It’s a useful tool to help you gain awareness of where you’re currently at. However, I’ve found it typically goes a lot deeper than awareness for true change to occur. You have to work through the unconscious beliefs and patterns keeping you on the hamster wheel even if you want so badly to get off.

If you’re finding it hard to stick to your 2020 goals, and if “not enough time” is one of your main complaints - I’d love to chat and share how coaching could benefit you.

Let’s crush those 2020 goals 💪🏼

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