My Mindfulness Journey

If you know anything about my story, you know that I am a recovering perfectionist.

As with every aspect of my life that has changed since recovery, so has meditation and mindfulness.

At the beginning of my mindfulness practice, I had to be in the right environment, sitting properly, proper hand placements + for the proper amount of time.

If I didn’t have those conditions, then I just wouldn’t meditate - because that would mean I was doing it wrong.

And… what would be the point?

Can you relate?!? I hear the same from other recovering perfectionists as well... you're not alone.

As I began healing this perfectionistic way of being, I began to realize that meditation is actually not about being perfect at all…

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

It’s about being present with what is.

That’s it.

After I came to this realization, I began meditating whenever I had a moment that I could just pause.

Sometimes it was just a quick minute. Other times it was 5, 10, 15 minutes.

Sometimes it was while I was sitting in traffic. Other times it was when I was sitting on the toilet.

I began to notice a huge shift.

Those little moments of meditation soon became the key to my rapid personal growth.

I was soon recognizing when false beliefs would come online.

I’d hear - “You’ll never be good enough to do that, don’t even try.” “You don’t deserve nice things, why are you even tempting yourself.” “These women are way more successful than you, you don’t belong here” “This person is going to think you’re stupid, don’t even try.” “There’s no way this is all going to work out, nothing ever does” “There’s no way he’s going to stay after seeing that side of you” “You’re so dumb, why would you do that?”

The most important, and life-saving one to this day, “You don’t deserve to eat.”

Yup… meditation is how I first discovered I had an eating disorder. It’s what helped me surrender to it and start healing from it.

Once I let go of this notion that there’s a specific way to meditate, I began meditating regularly, which allowed me to reap the benefits + become the observer of my thoughts!

Those little practices POWERFULLY primed my brain to observe.

Awareness of my thoughts didn’t come through while I was actually meditating.

They came through when I was going about my life, I was just able to hear them, when before there was nothing.

This is what I teach for free in the Adult T Mini Course.

We have thoughts running in the background, all of the time.

That is the function of the mind.

The mind is meant to have a constant stream of thought.

As long as you are alive, your mind will be working, creating thoughts.

.... Take a moment with this. Really, really understand it. You will always have thoughts. That is the function of the mind.

This is where a lot of spiritual teachings gets misconstrued.

At least, I was misinterpreting it and I know a lot of others do as well.

People often think you’re not supposed to have thoughts while meditating - this is so not true and what a relief, right!?

It’s often said that meditation is about becoming the observer of your thoughts.

It’s about being present to what is.


Realizing this was literally the biggest game-changer in my life.

It blew my damn mind.

Once I realized this, and started practicing in this way I saw results immediately and I knew I had to share this with others.

Especiallyyyy since I know of so many spiritual people who still are running with the “my mind must be clear,” kind of mentality.

I learned A LOT from my mentors, but not all of it resonated.

I always had this deep feeling that there was more.

I needed to understand the big picture.

So I kept on listening to my Higher Self, I kept asking questions, I kept my mind open to understanding dynamics.

My experiences and my observation has allowed me to piece together and discover a more complete picture of the interworking of us, as spiritual beings living a human experience.

I put together all of these lessons and understandings and created one place with all of the information. This is the Claim Your Power Course - launching soon. Sign up here to be notified of details.

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I make it down to earth, easy to understand + teach easy to apply tools for your own healing journey.

I was in the middle of a doctoral program while I was discovering and learning all of this.

I needed the quickest, easiest implementation tools to get me on the healing track and I found them - this is what I teach!

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