I started a Podcast!

It's called, Inner Bitch Inner Truth - found on Apple, Google + Spotify.

The last few years have been all about exploration for me. How do I best serve people and how can I communicate that effectively?

2020 has given me so much clarity. Not only my own personal wounding & healing but also in talking more with women about the struggles they have and what they wish was available to them.

Having these conversations reminded me how far I have come in my own healing journey because as they were sharing their stories, I remembered being exactly where they were.

This is the reason I started this podcast.

It's my way of sharing my healing journey - where I've been, what has helped me, what hasn't helped me, my views on the dynamics of life/why things happen the way they do, how emotional healing is actually the key to creating a life you love & how important it is to feel anger and love your inner bitch!!

The first episode is all about the experience of my inner bitch.

What I believe the origins to be, the great epiphany I had when I realized it was online and ruining my relationships & what I've done to love this aspect of myself.

"I legitamently thought I was in the right, I woke up to realize I wasn’t & that I was ruining a lot of friendships. And it was my fault. Up to this point, it was so easy to just blame everyone else involved. I had to point the finger back to myself."

Spoiler alert, the very first thing I had to do was realize that the problem was me. This was a very hard truth to swallow at first and one that continues to get me sometimes. It can be hard to admit when we're wrong! But I've learned that just because we've done something mean and hurtful, doesn't mean that you are inherently a mean and hurtful person. It just means that there's a paradigm shift available to you where you can anchor into the good that you are - allowing you to have more loving and beautiful relationships.

What you can expect each week:

- On the 1st of each month, I offer intuitive guidance for the month with thought/writing prompts. This is for the "collective" that is drawn to my work. If you're here, you're part of my collective <3

- Each Monday I offer a nugget of wisdom - either an intuitive download I've recieved, an important concept I have learned, or an intuitively guided lesson that the collective needs at that time

- Each Wednesday I give you a story from my own healing journey, a conversation with another beautiful human on their journey or a conversation about a healing modality that will help you on your journey

*This schedule may change as I evolve with my practice, but as of now, this is the plan!

If you have a healing journey you think other women would benefit from and you want to be on the podcast, fill out this form! I would love to chat about having you on :)

If you've made it this far on the blog and you're thinking to yourself, this sounds cool but I don't really listen to podcasts, not sure if I'll be tuning in... I never used to either, but over the past few years I've found myself wanting to learn & grow more - podcasts were such an easy way for me to do so! I started small by putting one on when I'd walk my dog or while doing the dishes/cleaning the house, and before I knew it I was learning so much and looked forward to doing those chores just so I could listen to a podcast!

In retrospect, Podcasts are how I've discovered a lot of the amazing teachers I have in my life. Whether I know them personally or virtually, I have found and listened to so many people/teachers that I now consider a friend because they're in my ear chatting away any moment that I want to listen to them.

I hope to be a friend to you & aid you on your journey.

I'd love for you to share the episodes that resonate with you and leave a review to tell me what you think! I'd also love for you to take a screenshot of the episode on your phone, write what you loved about it and tag me on Instagram, @innerbitch.innertruth @sarahghekiere.nd

You can listen to the podcast here, or Apple, Spotify + Google by searching "Inner bitch inner truth"

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