How I had my spiritual awakening

I used to claim victim ALL. THE. TIME.

I would not take accountably for my part in the situation.

I would blame others and talk shit about them, blaming them continuously.

This went to the point of me losing friendships and people being mad at me - rightly so!!

This way of being lead me to my spiritual awakening.

I’ll never forget the moment I was sitting on my college bed, looking at the wall and was like… “am I right about this right now?! Woah… I’m not at all. I’m the common denominator here… it’s actually me who is in the wrong.”

Long story short, that was when I realized I was in the shadow side of my power.

My Bitch was online rather than my Queen.

I wanted things to be my way (I was taught there was only 1 way to do things)

I thought I had to take more of a “wicked witch” way of being to be in my power in life. (I was treated this way, so I thought that’s what I was supposed to do)

I was honestly just doing my best with what I had been taught and was witness to.

But once I was able to see that’s what was happening, that it actually wasn’t everyone else's fault - that’s when I was able to start coming into my real power.

My power of conscious choice.

And I wouldn’t have been able to do that without taking an Adult T = A moment of pause + listen, pause + reflection.

The answers came in pieces.

It was first that I was the one in the wrong.

Then it was things don’t need to always be my way.

Then it was accept, truly accept, other people for the way that they are. Stop expecting them to be like you.

Then it was everyone has a different experience in the same environment.

Which I sat with for a very long time and is a huge reason why I am able to see dynamics in people.

I can see what experience they’re having and based on that experience they are having in front of me, I can tell a lot about the kind of person they are, and most likely what upbringing they had and what core wounds they are working with.

I wasn’t able to actually put all of this together at the time.

Only upon reflection of that period of my life have I been able to make sense of it.

And even now, I have to reflect on the past few months, I don’t always see it as it’s happening.

But always… the Adult T helps me become witness to the dynamics that are currently happening.

The Adult T has allowed me to be more confident and empowered through radical responsibility. I’ve been able to clearly see how my own dysfunctional thinking (due to childhood wounds) have shaped choices in my life where I was actually the one in the wrong and blamed other people.

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