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Sarah's Signature Method 

A series of techniques + my unique intuitive gifts that facilitate mental, emotional and spiritual healing that give way to quantum leaps. 


Quantum Leaps = shifts into a new dimension of reality 

Dimension of Reality = your perspective at any given point in time


Your perspective is created by the way your mental + emotional states are at any given point in time. 


Through mental + emotional healing, your perspective - or what I call your Dimension of Reality - will shift… allowing you to experience things differently in your life. 


Things like — 

> feeling calm in previously triggering situations

> seeing peoples actions in an entirely new light, one where you realize it’s not even about you

> noticing that you’re triggered + able to calm yourself before responding

> realizing a situation is toxic + being able to leave it 

> having the confidence in yourself + ability to vocalize your needs

> realizing other people’s big emotions were never your fault

> trusting that if a relationship is meant to be, they will accept you for who you are

> trusting yourself over asking the opinions of others


It’s not that the situations change, it’s that YOU have changed. 

You respond differently once this healing work has been done.


This method addresses the physical, mental, emotional, soul + spiritual aspects of your being.

What people are saying -


“I can’t even begin to thank you for helping me heal. You offer such a unique and tremendously transforming experience!!!” 


“It’s a strange feeling of having all the same flashbacks and thoughts but understanding it differently. This change is pretty miraculous” 


“I really enjoyed our session; I took so much away from it. Instead of feeling like I'm quitting on a long term marriage or just giving up, I've been telling myself "my work here is done", and it feels right. Time to put my energy into the next phase of my life! A perfect apartment for the children and I just dropped into my lap, and we got the keys this week. Our house goes on the market this Thursday, so things are falling into place and moving forward.”

This technique has been crafted over the last 4 years of working with clients. I paid attention to the results they got based on the healing that happened. 


The patterns + trends I saw further built my intuitive abilities to see what Dimension of Reality someone is living in vs. the Dimension of Reality that they wish to be living in and what needs to happen in order for them to get there. 


I have the intuitive ability to see what soul lessons you are meant to be learning from the hardship you’re currently in and the practical action steps that will help you through this time. 


Some examples of this — 


> Women wishing so badly they can pause when they are pissed off so that they can respond as an empowered lioness rather than a bitch. 

    - Dimension of Reality they are in: Other people don’t understand me and I have to fight in order to be heard, I wish I knew a better way.

    - Dimension of Reality they want to be in: Other people do not share my perspective and I have to communicate the way I see something in a way they can     understand if        I am to be understood in the way I am seeking

She can get to this new Dimension of Reality by — 

    - healing the part of her that feels like she has to fight in order to be heard 

    - seeing + honoring herself in the way she needs rather than looking externally for it 

    - gaining the skill of pausing so that she can respond rather than react 

    - gaining the skill of reflection so she can recognize what she needs + either give it to herself, or ask for it in an emotionally neutral way 

    - begin seeking to understand others perspectives rather than assuming the meaning she has placed onto things is the only way to look at a situation, happens through      

      asking others questions without judgement


> Women wishing they could stop putting their own needs aside + have the ability to stand in their power and use their voice

    - Dimension of Reality they are in: It’s not worth it, I can deal with whatever ends up happening - although I wish things were different

    - Dimension of Reality they want to be in: I know that I deserve things to be different and I honor myself enough to ask for what I need. I will not settle for anything less    

      than what I deserve. 

She can get to this new Dimension of Reality by — 

    - healing the part of her that feels like she is undeserving of what she wants her life to be like

    - exploring what her inner nature truly wants + begin giving that to herself 

    - gaining the confidence in order to vocalize what she needs = befriending conflict + anger

    - strengthening her voice in order to honor herself

    - learning how to reflect + be honest with herself about what she truly wants then taking the action to ask for it 

Are you ready to transform your life?

I get so excited for my clients because I know their life will never be the same — 

> they will feel more at peace with where they are in their life

> they can trust that they are exactly where they are meant to be + there are lessons bigger than themselves coming from this time 

> they can be easier on themselves and begin loving themselves in spite of their faults

> they can see where they are losing power + redirect it towards where they could have power

> they will see themselves in such a deep way that they will no longer put up with behavior that is less than what they deserve 

> they will no longer have to feel that low + hurt pain again because they now embody the understanding that they are human. And because of this truth, they love themselves regardless of the mistakes they make 

> they are easy on themselves, which completely transforms this inner shame experience

> they will step into incredible power + transform into the person they are longing to be

> the relationships with their loved ones will deepen + the relationships not aligned for their highest good will fall away

> they will feel much more peace when the chaos of life appears because they understand it’s happening for their highest good - for them to heal + grow into more of who they truly are. 

When your energy is ready to take on this work, you’ll feel excited with a side of anxiety. 


The anxiety is normal - it’s partly happening because there’s a part of you that knows you will never be the same again and change can be freakin scary. 

But I promise you, it’s worth it. The freedom you will find on the other side of this work is so rewarding.  


The other part is the fear of, “but what if it doesn’t work for me.” 

And look, I can’t guarantee you results because there is work you will have to put in on your end. 

But what I can say is that every single person I have worked with that took action on the things I suggested, has achieved the goals we set in the beginning and ended up growing even more than they were originally looking for.

It was a combination of both the work we did together and the work they put in. 

You will get out what you put into this. 

I don’t make things unmanageable, in fact, I set you up to make sustainable long term changes in your life. 


If you take on this work - you can expect to develop a much deeper understanding of yourself, have a much gentler relationship with yourself + experience much deeper relationships than you can imagine in this moment. 


If you’re all in for this, I can’t wait to meet you!!