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Virtual Healing Sessions

Upon scheduling today, you will receive an email with your Welcome Workbook. Please work through the prompts prior to our session - we will discuss what came up at the initial session.


During the first session you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the kind of energy you are in + lessons you are learning right now

  • Clarity + direction on the practices that will best support you on your healing journey

  • Distance energy work + guided imagery/hypnosis to heal the wounded part of yourself that has been making you suffer

  • Understand the choices that you have in order to feel empowered + strong in your life

  • Understand the work you need to do in order to move through this period of your life



  • Meditation Recording to anchor the healing we do together

  • Progress Tracker Workbook to hold you accountable with the practices that will hold + create new healing for you!


Some of the things women have said after their sessions-


“I can’t even begin to thank you for helping me heal. You offer such a unique and tremendously transforming experience!!!” 


“It’s a strange feeling of having all the same flashbacks and thoughts but understanding it differently. This change is pretty miraculous” 


“After our last session and your healing support, there is this complete shift in the way I think of my money and income. I feel good enough and so at ease with it now. Thank you”


“I really enjoyed our session; I took so much away from it. Instead of feeling like I'm quitting on a long term marriage or just giving up, I've been telling myself "my work here is done", and it feels right. Time to put my energy into the next phase of my life! A perfect apartment for the children and I just dropped into my lap, and we got the keys this week. Our house goes on the market this Thursday, so things are falling into place and moving forward.”


“I was one of those people that would ask everyone else for advice before making any kind of decision, but now I feel like I know myself best and I trust that I can listen to myself and make the best decision for me. I no longer doubt myself in the way that I used to. I feel so empowered!!”


When you schedule this session, you are investing in the initial 2 hour healing session + the 1 hour follow up session, which will be scheduled during the initial session.

**During the follow up session we will determine the best frequency of working together to best reach your goals.


**If you've worked with me previously, you can either purchase a package of visits or a single session at a time - each session is 1 hour. Reach out with which option you'd like and I'll send you the invoice + a link to schedule your call!


Single Session: $200

5 Sessions: $800

7 Sessions: $1200

15 Sessions: $2700