If you're a fan of the Monthly Intuitive Guidance Readings on 

Inner Bitch Inner Truth Podcast - you'll LOVE this offer!

This is the perfect offering to guide you in personal + spiritual development on a consistent basis without being too overwhelming. 

What's Included: 

- Monthly Intention Setting Workbook

- Weekly Intuitive Guidance

- Weekly Power Prompts 

The Monthly Intention Setting Workbooks are based on the energy of the month (given in the Monthly Intuitive Guidance on the podcast). The prompts are designed to get you thinking about the big picture of your life as it relates to the energy.

There are also prompts and guidance to keep track of your health goals. 

The Weekly Intuitive Guidance Readings will be anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes

(depending on what gets downloaded as the teaching) 

The Weekly Power Prompts are based on the Intuitive Guidance of the week

They are powerful questions to ask yourself to develop: 

> more self awareness

> clarity around what you want in life 

> next action steps for you to take (regardless of where you're at on your journey)

When you sign up you will receive your Monthly Intention Setting Workbook. 

You will receive the Weekly Intuitive Guidance reading + Power Prompts for the week each Sunday morning by 6am CST. 

June Membership is now closed. 

Have you been waking up to your life? 

Maybe you've discovered, you're not really happy with where things are at for you. 

You are looking for change. You're looking to FEEL better. 

You're just not really sure what you should be doing, or how to go about it. 

The Inner Truth Membership is all about tapping YOU into your own Inner Truth. 

It's curated based on the energy of the current times, which helps focus on the questions that are relevant to you and your life RIGHT NOW. 

The prompts that are given will give you a much deeper understanding of

where you're at right now + what action steps you could take in order to create a life you love.

You will gain so much clarity and understanding of yourself. You will notice yourself feeling better throughout your days. 

And before you know it, you'll look around and your life will be what you've been wishing for + calling in. 

It's time to focus on YOU. 

This membership helps you do just that - can't wait to see you inside!

  • Rose Membership

    Every month
    • Daily Power Prompts
    • Weekly Intuitive Guidance
    • Monthly Intention Setting PDF Workbook
Notebook and Pencil


Just signed up but not receiving my workbook.

This system may have a 10-15 minute delay, if you haven't received it after 15 minutes, check your spam folder and move it over into your primary account so you don’t miss the additional emails! Let me know if you can’t find it via email: sarahghekierend@gmail.com


What are the power prompts like?

A mixture of evaluating the present, remembering the past + dreaming of the future. These are a few previous ones — 


What are 5 things you tell yourself about the hard shit that's going on 

in your life right now? 

Whether you believe them to be true or not, debunk these beliefs. 

Then out of the 10 things you have now, what FEELS most true about your situation?


What's your favorite memory from childhood?

What were you doing?

Why is it so special for you?


If you had a year to let go of all of life's responsibilities & rules and you were able to just enjoy your time, how would you spend that year? 

What would your day to day look like?

What does it look like if you don't have to worry about others want or need of you? 


What happens if I want to cancel? 

You are able to cancel at any time. You will continue receiving emails until the date your membership would recur. You will not be refunded for the month in which you canceled in unless you cancel before the payment goes through.


What if I cancel and then want to sign back up again?

You’re totally free to do so! However, when you cancel, you will be taken out of the grandfathered price of the membership. If the price ends up going up, you will have to pay the new rate. If you never cancel the membership, even if the rate goes up you will be locked in at 16/month.