My Background

I received my Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University in December of 2013, my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in April of 2018, my Reiki Master Certification in January of 2019, and I am currently in a Masters of Acupuncture program at National University of Health Sciences and will graduate in December of 2020. 

My Approach

I am a very different kind of naturopathic doctor. 


I was trained to look at the human body’s sign and symptoms of disease as clues of disturbed determinants of health causing imbalances in the organs and systems of the body. I would then create the basis for health and the body would re-calibrate itself and the signs and symptoms of disease went away. Did/does this happen? Absolutely. 


However, as an intuitive I have spent the past 3 years with an internal struggle. 

There is so much more to health than going through this process. 

I couldn’t keep doing it anymore. It wasn’t filling me up. It’s not my purpose. 


You see, I know that we are energetic beings living in a physical body. (If you disagree with this axiom, go ahead and stop reading, unfollow and go about your day because without this agreement everything else I have to say is BS in your world) 

As such, that energetic/spiritual side is using the physical body to communicate. 

I have the ability to see and know what the energetic aspect of you is communicating.  


I spent the past 4 years learning about the energy aspects of our body - how to do energy healing, enhancing my intuition, studying with a shaman and my reiki master teacher. But the things is, even energy healing is not the full answer.


What it comes down to is our belief systems, our thoughts.

The way we view the world. 

The way we think we belong in the world. 

The way we create our worlds. 


The most important aspect of all - are we living out our life purpose or are we stuck on the hamster wheel? 

Our soul (energetic part of our being) wants us to be living our life purpose and can call out through physical symptoms when we are not. 


I’ve spent the past few years learning different holistic counseling techniques, psychoanalytic theories, and re-parenting techniques to break through these false belief systems. 


I help people get off the hamster wheel of life and back into the driver's seat of their lives. 

I teach people to live a life full of PURPOSE. 

My passion is helping women go from being overwhelmed, irritated, stressed out, controlled by their emotions, and reacting to their environment to being calm, confident, patient, responding to life from a place of power, connected to her purpose & living a life she loves. 

I help women become the person they know they want to be but have no idea how to get there.

If you’ve been reading self help books, doing your best to implement what you’re learning but still find there is something missing - working with me may greatly benefit you!

I mix a combination of modalities to create a powerful healing environment including holistic counseling, psychoanalytic & life coaching techniques, inner child healing, guided imagery & meditation, energy work - both reiki & shamanic practices, intuitive tarot & astrology. As well as, naturopathic & homeopathic medicine when warranted.


I’m more of an intuitive empowerment coach than anything else I am trained in. 

The work we do is deep, it can be challenging AF, but at the end of it - you feel lighter, happier, and healthier. 

© 2020 Sarah Ghekiere, ND

Please note: Illinois does not currently offer licensure to Naturopathic Doctors. Though Dr. Sarah Ghekiere has been trained as a primary care physician, she works as a Naturopathic Health Consultant in the State of Illinois. Naturopathic medicine, in the State of Illinois, is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care.