Hi, I'm Sarah

I love helping women who want to better understand themselves,

heal their emotional wounds and step into their power to build deeper relationships in their lives. 

I use my signature method, the Inner Truth Quantum Healing Method to facilitate this transformation.

This method addresses the physical, mental, emotional, soul + spiritual aspects of your being.

I can energetically see the lessons you're meant to be learning within the hardship you are currently going through 

+ what practical tools will best serve you at this time.

My passion is bringing Spiritual practices down to Earth, into the Human experience. 


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Leo Sun, Libra Moon + Libra Rising

Projector with Splenic Authority


Enneagram 8 

I’m currently obsessed with learning about consciousness,

5 element psychology + holograms. I tend to overindulge in books + notebooks; taking on too many projects at once. 


I’m a red wine girl, with a sharp white cheddar obsession. The forest is my happy place and even though I live in the busy city of Chicago, I make time to get to forest preserves often - where I will most likely be barefoot. 


I have a Bachelors of Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University (2013), Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences (2018) and a Masters of Acupuncture from National University of Health Sciences (2020). I have training in holistic counseling, archetypal journeys, shamanic/intuitive practices, and a reiki master certification. 


I’m a pretty hardcore personal development junkie. A lot of people who know/work with me think I’m psychic because I have an ability to intuit archetypal journeys and where you are on your own path. I have experienced the freedom that comes on the other side of the healing pain, which is my WHY and hope for everyone to experience this lifetime.


I’m a dog mom to a beautiful, sassy girl named Reece. 


I have an incredible partner, Ryan, whom I totally manifested. He is THE Prince Charming I always dreamt about as a girl.

He’s taught me so much about myself and the world while simultaneously accepting me for exactly where I am.


My friends say it’s not really a conversation with Sarah unless it gets existential. The truth is, those deeper conversations are a very large part of why I love my life. Stimulating my brain + energy is one of my favorite things, doing so with friends is the ultimate party IMO. 

Tree Stump

You’ll know you’re healing when you realize you’re able to take a different action than you’ve always taken - the action that you’ve envisioned your future self taking.

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything… maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you - so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place. 

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I love posting all things spiritual dynamics, mindfulness, befriending emotions

+ practical spiritual concepts + tools.